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Welcome to our Video Gallery. This is where we share our trip videos. It's sort of like our online video journal of where we go and what we do. Our trips are legendary and have been featured on many online pages such as Orvis, Le Mouching, Moldy Chum, and many others. We also have made videos that correlate with our articles featured in Kype Magazine. 

Mogollon Rim - Fly Fishing

2017 - Fly fishing on a Mogollon Rim Creek with my crew. 

Road Trippin - 7 States and 11 species of Trout

2016 - Judy and I traveling across the West. Can you find all 11 species of trout we caught?

Oak Creek - Sedona, AZ

2015 - Guiding on Oak Creek and Phoenix. Teaching and passing it on is my passion. Footage from Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona

Labor Day Trip 

2016 - Knocked out 5 species of trout over 48 hours in Utah during Labor Day weekend.

Notorious CARP - L. A. River

2015 - Went out to hammer some Carp in LA and fished with one of the best Carpiers in the West, Matus Sobolic and Andrew McClellan. Great Urban Adventure!

"Thanks, Frank" - Idaho

2014 - Took a trip into the Frank Church Wilderness Area. I always enjoy the Wilderness he spent his lifetime protecting.  If you read up on his politics, he did everything he could to protect the land from mining and development.

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