Hello! My name is Ryan Russell. I grew up in Boise, Idaho and started fly fishing when I was 5.  When I got older and in Boy Scouts, I became even more intrigued and I would often be found casting in my back yard or tying flies in my room. I had a VHS tape of Gary Borger I would watch it over and over. As I moved through junior high and high school, other sports consumed my life and fly fishing was more of a hobby. I played basketball, baseball, soccer goalie and loved competing. My best sport, however was golf, I was a State Champion level golfer and went to play college at Idaho State University. I also attended the W.P. Carey Arizona State University PGA Professional Golf Program and passed my PGA P.A.T. (Player's Ability Test). I never entered the PGA Program because working in a Pro Shop and giving lessons wasn't what I wanted to do. Instead I learned the family business of auto glass and started contracting for Phoenix companies. The glass trade has been in my family for over 40 years and as a result I am considered a Master Certified technician. I currently run a specialized shop and am currently one of very few shops that can install a windshield and calibrate it at the same time. It's ironic that Auto Glass is the reason why my knowledge of Phoenix is virtually unmatched. I have been in and out of every neighborhood, driving by and walking canals 6 days a week, for the last 20 years. I always have a fly rod ready and take breaks to fish almost everyday.....so, because of that, nobody knows more about carping canals in Phoenix than me.


In 2005, I was in a serious car accident and ejected from my vehicle. I sustained a serious head injury and was life flighted to Scottsdale Osborn Hospital because I was unresponsive. I woke up with no memory of the accident and I had suffered frontal lobe damage.  The brain scans also revealed that I was living with a pituitary tumor adenoma (type of brain tumor). I was diagnosed with some tough mental conditions and went through a really long period of healing. Fly Fishing and yoga is essential to my health. Its this knowledge and life experience that has made my guide trips legendary. It's not just about that fish. I am a uniquely talented individual that can make your time on the water special. 


Since then, I have traveled all over the West. I've caught almost every species of trout in North America and know where to find them. Big rivers to little trickles. I have been to some of the most famous carp spots and fished with the best fly carp people. I have fished so many different places with so many talented fly fisherman, it's incredible. This is the knowledge I try to pass on to my clients. My main goal is for you to have a the most incredible experience you can think of. and to learn as much as you can in the process. It's sight casting at it's finest. Big fish that demand stealth and supreme accuracy. No other carp destinations are like this.


At its root, fly fishing is something that connects us to the natural world. I focus my guiding on a combination of putting you on big fish while also having a good time and showing you the area. Fly fishing for carp in Phoenix will test all of your skills. Large fish that require you to stalk them, and require you to provide a soft presentation on light tippet.  The techniques and knowledge shared will also help you find your own "peace" within the city. Here there are limitless opportunities for your fly fishing and nobody around to compete with. I will deliver this to you in the most professional way possible, much like a golf pro would.


You will have access to the finest equipment available. I use Orvis and Blue Halo equipment exclusively.  I have the resources to teach you and help you succeed. A few hours with me and you will see Phoenix differently. I promise the you will never come to Phoenix without your fly rod again. 

Gary Borger - Fly Fishing For Trout