All my guide trip bookings are through Derek at Lo Water Guide Service LLC and under his permit with Tonto National Forest. All bookings, questions, and permit requests are handled through Lo Water Guide Service LLC. For more information please visit his site.

I love to fly fish for carp. After fishing and observing these fish for over 10 years, I have developed an amazing passion for chasing them. They are not just "trash fish" in my book. They are incredibly smart and have very unique behaviors which makes them such a challenge to chase with a fly rod. Phoenix has one of the spookiest populations I have ever seen. It takes a great amount of skill to master them. As a guide, my goal is to reduce that learning curve for you. Instead of taking months to figure out what to do and how to do it, in a few hours I will have on presenting flies and hooking up with fish. I want to teach you how to think like a Carp. Master these fish and after that trout and other species will seem easy. I boast a very high success rate and most clients end up with a "Golden Bone" on the end of their line before they know it. We help you skip levels. You will be overloaded with carp data and information... GUARANTEED.


 Urban Carp Trip - 4+  Hours

$299 First Person / $59 Each Additional (up to 3)


Common Carp, Mirror carp, Grass carp (White Amur), or Koi. Take your pick and we will get you into some of the best Urban carp  on the fly spots in the  world.  "Freshwater Mudbones" are plentiful here, but you got to know where to go and what to use. There is  no guarantee that you will land one of these elusive beasts. However, having us as your guide increases your chances 10 fold. If catching a carp on the fly is on your bucket list, this trip is for you. We will teach you everything you need to know about carp, flies, and various techniques to stalk some scales. Each trip booked also comes with a personally tied selection of flies to use in future carp journeys!

Phoenix "Carp Slam" Trip - 6+ Hours

$399 first person / $99 Each Additional (up to 3)


The best Urban Fly-Carp Trip you  can find. Have a chance to cast and hook-up with ALL 4 TYPES OF CARP, all in one day.  The BIGGEST Grassies, AGGRESSIVE Commons, and  the ultra PICKY and ELUSIVE Koi.


With us by your side, we can guarantee you will have a shot at some of the largest "Urban  Bones" in  Phoenix.  Our areas are scouted often to ensure good conditions and our flies have been continuously researched to be proven effective.  We are your #1 Carp hosts if you want to get into some serious scale.  With this trip it's possible to pull off the infamous Phoenix "Carp Slam", where it's possible land each kind of Carp (Common, Grassie and Koi) all in one day. Accomplish that, and you will have the respect of every fly fisherman, everywhere, that ever lived...... just kidding.... no you won't.... but probably should. :)

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