Welcome to Arizona Fly Fishing Adventures!  We are your #1 State Licensed Guide for hooking up with Monster Carp on the Fly in the Urban Phoenix area. Grass Carp the size of your leg, beautiful Koi, and Feisty Commons. We are your #1 Guide to show you how to effectively fish within the city, unlocking a whole new world of fantastic fly fishing opportunities. 

There are over 180 miles of canals in Phoenix and we have spent years and years searching and fly fishing the ENTIRE CITY of Phoenix and the surrounding Area. NOBODY knows the canals like we do. We are in and out of neighborhoods and walking water 7 Days a week. The canals are much like an urban river system. Sometimes certain sections the flows are up, others it's down. These flows change daily and the clarity also becomes an issues. WE GUARANTEE that you will be sight casting to HUGE CARP any time of the year. Phoenix is an underrated fishery and can provide the fly fisherman with countless targets to very large and spooky fish. We have perfected the craft and show you how to enjoy the BLUE RIBBON CARP STREAMS of PHOENIX

Our fly fishing techniques have been developed over a long period of time. Besides specializing in Urban Carp, I have landed almost every species of trout in North America. I know the best fly fishing the spots to fish throughout the West and how to fish them. This translates into me providing you with the best information and tactics available.

Book a trip with us. We have very reasonable rates and teach you more for less! You will not find a more professional fly fishing guide in the State! GO with the most experienced and talented choice and you wont be sorry! Learn from the BEST, not the Wannabes...


We have a very large selection of Orvis equipment for use on your trip, including the Helios 3. We also have Blue Halo and Orvis Superfine fiberglass rods. Come try out our rods and see if you want one for yourself before purchasing!

I like to express the amateur artist in me sometimes. I do this to create fly fishing art designs I use for stickers and shirts to raise money for the Carp Slam and other causes like non profits. Shirts and stickers to show off your true Carpsmanship. Click on the link to see our Carp Swag selection and links to other Carpy pages.

I have made many videos and love to capture my memories and edit them for sharing. If requested, I can make trip video for an added fee. Photos of your trip are always shared at no charge. Video is something that takes a bit of time post trip and is usually takes some time to put together. I can clean up footage gathered, edit and blend it into a fantastic memory to be remembered over and over again. Above is my latest edit to show you what the Urban Carp on the Fly possibilities are within the City of Phoenix. Click on the link or visit the Videos page to see more.

We know what works for carp in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We support other carp fly tiers such as Nervous Water Flies and also tie our own patterns for the area. Each guided trip will come with a specific assortment of our personally hand-tied flies. Check this page out to find some of the best carp flies around!

I have written a few articles for Kype Magazine and continue to produce original fly fishing stories and content to share with everyone. Follow along with my adventures to hopefully they can help inspire you in yours. We want you to hook up on fish and get bent!

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Mirror Carp on the Fly