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Now offering Trout trips near Payson, AZ

Thank you for visiting Arizona Fly Fishing Adventures! This website is to provide information about fly fishing in Arizona, connect you with my fly shop and to book guided trips with me for Carp, Trout and other species. I have been fishing in Arizona for over 24 years and have been guiding since 2014. Many know me from fly fishing for carp on the canals but my fly fishing roots go back to Idaho of the early 1980's. I have been featured in many videos, articles and magazines including FLY FISHERMAN MAGAZINE which you can read here. Since then, fly fishing in Phoenix has exploded with more and more fly fisherman making Arizona a fun destination.

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Want to book your trip? Looking to land your first carp or abduct your first Gila Trout? Fill out the form below and we will get you on our calendar. We are Arizona's best option for fly fishing guides. We specialize in Carp, Trout and Bass. We are fully licensed, insured and  permitted through Tonto National Forest.

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Want to see what fly fishing for Carp in Phoenix is like? Here's a short video that will give you an idea. Phoenix has over 180 miles of canals... more than Amsterdam and Venice COMBINED! The canal system here was actually put in place over the top of the native people's previously existing irrigation canals that were already dug as far back as the 1400s.

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Tom Bie Carp Slam 2017

Tom Bie - The Drake Magazine

Josh Gallivan - Fly Fishing Guide

Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures

Jeremy Elms - Fly Fishing Guide

Galvin Guiding

   My reputation as a guide and fly fisherman is backed up by years of experience and endorsements from other top professionals within the industry. These photos are just a few memories of me fishing and learning from a few of them. Up above is Tom Bie, editor of the Drake Magazine, fishing with him in the Famous Denver Trout Unlimited Carp Slam Fly Fishing Tournament in 2016. I know many of Denver's finest guides, Chris Galvin, Jeremy Elms, Rick Mikesell and others. I chased "carp on the fly" on the Los Angeles River with Andrew McClellan of Rhino Nets before it was cool. I have "guided many guides" like Josh Gallivan who wrote about his visit and you can read here. 

    I have traveled around many of the Carp spots of the West and know how to fish them. The Denver South Platte is on my list of waters I have mastered. During the pandemic in October of 2020, I was able to to be apart of my first Carp Slam Victory which you can read about by clicking on the Carp Slam logo below.  Huge shout out to Chris Galvin for being the Tiger Woods of the Carp Slam. Best partner anyone could draw. You can find his guide website here In 2021, I was invited back to compete as a PRO which I consider one of my biggest achievements.

Screenshot_20201019-064622_Photo Editor.

Pro-Teammate - 5-time Champion

Chris Galvin landed the biggest Carp in Carp Slam history at 35.5"


RECAP ->We landed 3 fish for 89". Mine was worth 28.5"... We were focused, had a good beat, good energy and hungry fish. The Denver Trout Unlimited Carp Slam is one of my favorite things to do every year! Check them out at

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