Thank you for visiting Arizona Fly Fishing Adventures! This site was founded to share information about fly fishing for carp in Phoenix. Fly Fishing Phoenix is a very exciting way to spend a day. I have a unique history and background that makes the info I share ONE-OF-A-KIND. NOBODY knows Phoenix like I do! One trip will have you looking at fly fishing, carp and the desert much differently. All 4 major types of carp are available to cast at. Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Grass Carp, and all types of Koi. I also have over 5 years of guiding experience for both trout and carp and have been featured in many videos, articles and magazines including FLY FISHERMAN MAGAZINE. 

Wanna see what it's like? Here's a video that will give you an idea. Phoenix has over 180 miles of canals... more than Amsterdam and Venice COMBINED! The canal system here was actually put in place over the top of the native people's previously existing irrigation canals that were already dug as far back as the 1400s.

Tom Bie - The Drake Magazine

Josh Gallivan - Fly Fishing Guide Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures

Jeremy Elms - Fly Fishing Guide

Galvin Guiding

My reputation as a guide and fly fisherman is backed up by years of experience and endorsements from other top professionals within the industry. These photos are just a few memories of fishing with the best. For example, Up above is Tom Bie, editor of the Drake Magazine, fishing in the Famous Carp Slam Fly Fishing Tournament with Denver's finest guides, Chris Galvin, Jeremy Elms and others. I've fished the Los Angeles River with Andrew McClellan of Rhino Nets befroe it was cool. I have been a part of some amazing experiences that other Carp guides just don't have. I've "guided many guides" like Josh Gallivan who wrote about his visit and you can read here. I've fished with the best of the best, guided in the busiest places, hosted large groups, donated hundreds of hours, raised money for equipment, worked with people that were physically disabled, victims of trauma, and other pursuits to further fly fishing as a healing practice.